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    Technical knowledge - Frontend & WordPress Development

    Frontend Development

    For over 10 years i work as a freelance Frontend Developer for several agencies closely together. A pixel perfect translation of their designs into a fully functional, responsive WordPress Website is one of my main tasks, as well as the technical management of their web based WordPress projects.

    I develop W3C Standards complying websites, based on HTML and CSS3; the Foundation 5 framework is my preferred base for all responsive websites, but i have also gained experience with the Bootstrap 3 framework.

    Additional modern solutions, such as jQuery, are used as well to create interactive web projects; i can easily implement jQuery plugins and addons like Slideshows, Lightboxes, Parallax animations, Accordions, Carousels and many more. Most of my projects also feature modern typography, based on @font-face self hosted fonts, or remotely hosted font files on Google Fonts or

    I have also gained experience with several external APIs, such as googleMaps, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, etc, and i`m able to implement these into the WordPress projects i`m working on.

    CSS2/3, SASS/SCSS100%
    Responsive Development90%
    Custom Fonts (@font-face, googleFonts, TypeKit, etc)95%
    External APIs: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, etc90%

    WordPress Development

    WordPress is probably the most loved CMS on the internet, thanks to it`s simplicity, fast learning curve, userfriendliness and enormous potential; i use the WordPress CMS since 2009, both professionally, as well as privately.

    My experience of over 6 years as a WordPress developer allows me to translate the customer`s designs into fully functional, powerful but easy to use CMS driven web projects; Advanced Custom Fields Pro, overall the best WordPress Plugin, is used to extend the CMS with custom fields, such as: Textfields, Repeater Fields, Gallery Fields, Relationship Fields, Option Fields, and many more, transforming WordPress into a capable CMS.

    Depending on the requirements of each individual project, i develop custom WordPress and plugins and extensively use WordPress Filters and Functions; jQuery functions and animations are used troughout the projects, and the client is able to add Slideshows, Accordions, Tabs, Parallax Animations, and other interactive features, directly from the Backend of the WordPress CMS.

    I have extensive experience with WordPress eCommerce (WooCommerce) and multilingual Websites (WPML).Many of my projects also feature addons such as contact forms, google Maps, Newsletter system (Mailchimp), etc. In case the project is based on a commercial WordPress Theme, i develop the website using child themes, in order to keep the parent theme updatable.

    My WordPress Websites are being actively protected against Bots, Hacker and Exploits. Website Security is a very serious subject and i use all the “best practices” to secure a website as much as possible.

    WordPress Theming/CMS Integration100%
    WordPress Custom Fields100%
    WordPress Theme Options100%
    WordPress Custom Widgets & Plugins90%
    WordPress Custom Filters & Functions90%
    WordPress Child Theme Development100%
    jQuery: Parallax, Lightbox, Slideshows, Accordions, etc95%
    WordPress Multilingual95%
    WordPress eCommerce (WooCommerce)85%
    Contact Forms, Google Maps, Mailchimp, Facebook Integration90%


    • Extensive experience with PHP5, MySQL, Apache Servers, CPanel, etc
    • Experience with GIT, Basecamp, etc
    • Ability to solve projects and find alternative routes
    • Structured workflow
    • Excellent Photoshop knowledge
    • Experience with image management for Retina screens
    • An eye for Design
    • Good communication skills